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There are plenty of reasons why a torsion spring may break but there is no reason to run the risk of hurting yourself by attempting to fix it and no reason at all not to call our company. Garage Door Springs Nepean works with the best equipment and the most qualified professionals in Ontario. Besides, one of the common reasons why extension springs do not work properly is related with bad installation and the slightest problem may expose your house to external threats or compromise the safety of your family.

Garage Door SpringsMany homeowners decide to do broken spring repair on their own believing that professionals would only delay them. In other words, they haven’t tried the services of Garage Door Springs Nepean because our fully prepared and equipped company trucks and professional expertise can be of tremendous value at these moments. You can rest assured that our company moves with unbelievable speed, has great knowledge, keeps all prices down and has the knowhow to fix garage door spring damages immediately. We carry the necessary repair parts in our vans and we are trained to deal with occasional and emergency problems efficiently.

Springs usually warn about future problems and that’s why we usually recommend to all our clients in Nepean frequent examination and maintenance services. We follow the most effective methods to take care of problems and prevent major issues. We also have the professionalism to warn you about the necessity of garage door spring replacement, which often is required for the avoidance of problems and injuries.

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