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Garage Door Torsion Spring

There are several differences between torsion spring garage door systems. What you choose for your door depends on its weight and type. And then there are differences in the way springs are made by different manufacturers. With expertise in all such systems, our techs can fix any residential garage door torsion spring in Nepean, Ontario. What we can do for your springs is replace, lubricate, install, and adjust them. And our techs are prepared to do any required garage door torsion spring repair.Garage Door Torsion Spring Nepean

Leave torsion spring replacement to our experts

We respond urgently when you need us to replace garage door extension springs or torsion springs. No matter which spring type your door utilizes, it must have the right tension to balance and move the door. If not, the door might not open and the opener will be strained. The first thing we do when we come to replace your broken spring is check which type your door needs. We keep a variety of springs in our trucks to choose the appropriate one for your door. So we use the right garage door torsion spring replacement to swamp it with your snapped one. But our tech will also make sure it is wound right and all parts connected to the spring system are in good condition too.

Call for torsion spring lubrication & adjustment

Count on our team if you want to replace the torsion spring urgently, but also contact us to fix garage door torsion spring problems. What can go wrong with springs? The most common problems are corrosion and loss of elasticity. During the cold winters in Nepean, springs might get rusty or freeze and thus break faster. Let us take care of them.

What our techs can do is garage door torsion spring adjustment – especially if you have galvanized springs – and lubrication. With such repair services, we keep springs flexible and strong.

Don’t try to replace or fix your Nepean garage door torsion spring alone. Such tasks involve many risks. Call us to provide spring repair services for you! We guarantee low torsion spring repair costs and fast response service.

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